Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Everpurse, Inc. treats the personal information that we have collected about you when you visit and use our service.

What data do we collect?

We receive and store any information you enter on our Web site or provide to us in any other way. This includes but is not limited to registration and profile information, IP addresses, referral pages, service behavior, and traffic data.

What do we plan to do with this data?

On an aggregate, non-personally identifiable level, we may use this data for market research products and reports for internal purposes only.

Your data and third parties

We do not sell or rent any of your personally identifying data to third parties for direct marketing purposes, we see those actions as bad karma and a violation of your trust in us. We collect specific members addresses only for the purpose of credit card fraud checks, and more importantly to ensure that retail partners that have agreed to sell and ship an item to you can know where to send it. If no sale agreement exists between us as the intermediary and the retailer, we will not share any address information with them.

We may share or disclose information about you to other companies or individuals when: (1) we must comply with applicable laws, regulations, or legal or regulatory process, (2) in the event of a sale, merger, transfer, or exchange of control of Everpurse, Inc. to another party.

What information can I access?

You can access your personal information on our Web site and correct, amend or delete information that is inaccurate. Upon logging in visit your user profile setting page located at Upon request, we are happy to provide access to any site behavior data that we have collected about you. All requests for such data will be fulfilled within a 14-day period.

Communications with Members

When you register with Everpurse, Inc., you will be automatically opted-in to receive email and in-system notices, which may include announcements, newsletters and recommendations. You are welcome to elect out of receiving those messages at any time by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of e-mails from Everpurse, Inc.

Removal of User and User data

If you would like your user profile removed from Everpurse, Inc., contact us at