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Mini by Everpurse

A wallet that charges your phone.

Stylish and powerful. Just like you.

We designed Mini for you. Not just for you, but for your work-hard, play-harder lifestyle. We know you don't have time to worry about your phone letting you down. So this is for you: a beautiful fashion piece to power your world.

Preorder now just $129 $98 for a limited time

More living, less waiting

Let Mini charge your phone so you can charge ahead.

A fashion piece that works for you.

Experience up to 48 hours of phone battery life — from zero to 100% three times. Place your iPhone 5 or 5s into Mini's aluminum charging dock, which embeds it safely on the backside of the wallet. Inside the hard shell, Mini keeps your essentials organized.

A stylish combination of design and technology, Mini's clasp doubles as a USB plug, making it easy to charge using any USB outlet.

The interior of the Mini

Leave the wall behind

Charge your phone without interrupting your life. Use your phone while it charges.

Mini charges your phone, wherever life takes you.

Seamlessly transition from work to play without slowing down. Mini ensures there's always enough power through the last email, conference call, tweet and photo. With full access to your phone as it charges, you never have to choose between plugging in and going out.


just $129 $98 for a limited time

Preorder now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do referral discounts work?

For 30 days after you place your order, each time someone uses your referral link to preorder a Mini, you will get $5 back off the price of your own preorder. Share the link from your confirmation email with friends or on social media and you could get yours for free!

Your total refund from all orders placed through your referral link will be credited back to you, via the method of payment used when you originally placed your order, when we ship your Mini to you.

When will Mini ship? Why don't you ask for my shipping address at checkout?

Mini will begin shipping Summer 2014. We understand you have places to go and people to see! Exciting things can happen between now and shipping time, so we will contact you once we are ready to ship so you can provide a current shipping address for your order.

Will I be able to ask for a refund?

All pre-order sales are final and we will not be offering any refunds during the pre-sale period. Once the Mini ships and you receive it, you may choose to return it and be eligible for store credit.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to ship to any international locations. If you provide us with an address within the United States we will be glad to ship your Mini to this location. You can can use your international credit card to complete the transaction.

Will Mini affect my credit cards?

No need to worry! Your credit cards will be safe (and fashionably stored) inside Mini.

Does the wallet come with cross-body straps?

Yes! A small cross-body chain will be included with Mini. Don't want to use the cross-body strap? No worries! You will be able to tuck away the chain when you don't want to use it.

Can I use Mini with a phone case?

There is no need for a phone case when using Mini. Your Mini will work as a case. Please note, if you place a case on the phone, you will not be able to insert it into Mini.

What size is the Mini?

8" x 4" x 1.35"

How quickly will Mini charge my phone? How much battery life will I get on my phone?

Mini will charge your iPhone 1% or more per minute, from zero to 100% at least 3 times. This should provide smartphone use for at least 48 hours.

Which phones does Mini support?

Mini is currently available for the iPhone 5/5s. Creating a new product is a process, and development takes time and money. We hope to expand Mini to other phone models in the future, but we cannot give a definite date at this time.

Why do you charge my credit card at time of purchase?

Making amazing new physical products is a labor of love and capital. This is especially true when it comes to smaller and nimbler enterprises like ourselves who push the boundaries of what has existed before us. While we have been prototyping, testing, and obsessing over every part of the Everpurse Mini for almost a year, without your pre-order now it would take even longer to produce the product. By placing your order you allow us to focus on what we do best, make products that you want before you know it. And it helps us get them to you sooner than would have otherwise been possible. We are creating brand new technology and this is expensive, but as we proved with our first breakthrough product, the Everpurse clutch, making something that is packed with tech and still looks gorgeous is possible. In fact, we delivered thousands of them in 2013 to customers in over 36 countries. With Mini we are pushing the limits again. And with your pre-order, you too can be one of the very first to enjoy an amazing new product.

How much is shipping?

The $5.00 fee per unit will cover shipping to the continental USA, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. As long as your address is in the USA, we can ship you a Mini!